Alishech Probiotic supplement

Our supplement is indicated in the treatment of diseases such as:
  1. Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD: colitis, Crohn's disease).
  2. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
  3. Dysbacteriosis.

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Our modern formula contains 8 different types of probiotic microorganisms (over 7 billion active bacteria in each capsule). Alishech Probiotic’s formula eases digestive problems, especially inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD: colitis, Crohn's disease) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Taking Alishech Probiotic every day for a long time eases digestive disorders such as diarrhea, constipation, gas formation, abdominal distention and pain. This drug strengthens the immune system and reduces signs of allergy.

Advantages of Alishech Probiotic:

- the recommended one capsule per day is enough to receive the full benefits of probiotics;
- it contains the 8 most studied probacteria;
- over 7 billion active bacteria in each capsule;
- double microcapsulation method, keeping bacteria alive on their way to the intestines and providing formula efficiency;
- no need for refrigeration.

About its components

From the numerous types of probiotic microorganisms known to science, only the 8 most studied probacteria were included into our formula, whose ability to take root in the intestine is proven by scientific experiments.

The variety of bacteria types and their number is of great importance, because this is the only way to ensure the colonization of the intestines with beneficial microorganisms. Recent studies report a daily dosage of at least 7 billion active bacteria to make their reception effective.

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Different types of bacteria in the formula produce lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide and bactericides which inhibit the activity of pathogenic microbes.

In addition, probiotics suppress pathogenic flora, preventing them from colonizing the intestines, and the more probacteria we take, the less space is left for their disease-causing competitors.

Components: each Alishech Probiotic capsule contains at least 7 billion active bacteria.

»Recommended dosage: 1 capsule per day, with a meal, preferably in the evening.

Package contains: 30 capsules

Manufactured by Progressive Labs, in collaboration with Alishech, Israel.

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