Treatment of peptic ulcer disease and gastritis caused by Helicobacter pylori microbe (HP)

Helicombination is the Israeli treatment regimen of gastric ulcers.
30-day treatment course with Israeli drugs.

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In accordance with the work of Warren and Marshall, which has been confirmed by numerous studies, peptic ulcer disease (PUD) and gastritis are considered infectious diseases and are treated with antibiotics.

There are several regimens - below is one of the most popular:

The Helicombination Regimen

All tablets must be taken at once 15 minutes before meals.
Medicine Number of tablets Number of doses per day Number of days Total tablets
Nexium 40 mg 1 1 28 28
Moxypen F. 500 mg 1 3 5 15
Karin 500 mg 1 2 7 14
Alishech Probiotic 1 1 30 30

This regimen is intended for adults - for a child regimen, contact the doctor by email:

The above-mentioned drugs are mostly antibiotics and can cause dysbiosis, which is a bacterial imbalance between pathogenic bacteria and the bacteria in the body that are necessary for its normal functioning.

Therefore, with this regimen, we recommend that patients take Alishech Probiotic for one month. This formula contains 11 different types of probiotic bacteria in the amount of 7 billion active microbes in each capsule.

Use of “Alishech Probiotic” improves digestion, significantly improves overall health in cases of constipation or diarrhea, relieves bloating and, most importantly, prevents intestinal microflora imbalance.
UIn addition, this capsule alleviates many allergic reactions.

The fact that Helicobacter pylori is the cause of gastritis and peptic ulcer disease is beyond doubt; the fact that a peptic ulcer in a certain percentage of cases turns into a malignant tumor is also beyond doubt.

This has resulted in the fact that the presence of HP in the stomach, in 100% of cases, leads to the application of antibacterial treatment, which is inexpensive, short in duration, and has almost no side effects.

This treatment is so simple and affordable that, in Western countries, family doctors (understandably) began to treat HP, thereby taking about half of the usual load from gastroenterologists.

Family doctors send the patient to have a gastroscopy performed and then give this treatment based on the results. Sometimes, treatment is even given on the basis of clinical manifestations only.

Gastroenterologists are used to making a diagnosis, giving treatment, and then performing a control gastroscopy. We hold the opinion that family doctors are right - there is no need for an additional control gastroscopy. Numerous clinical studies have unequivocally proved that the success rate of the treatment of HP exceeds 90%.

If you are among a small number of those whom the first course did not help, a second course is prescribed. The results are also very impressive - again, about 90% success.

Therefore, we recommend that anyone who suspects that they have HP in their gastrointestinal tract should immediately undergo the treatment course. There is nothing to wait for, and the saying, “there are no healthy people, just under-examined people,” in this case, very accurately reflects reality.

Helicobacter treatment regimen is prescribed for:
  1. Chronic gastritis;
  2. Suspected Helicobacter re-infection;
  3. Chronic atrophic gastritis;
  4. Duodenitis;
  5. Superficial gastritis with Helicobacter Pylori ++++;
  6. Chronic antral gastritis duodenitis, associated with Helicobacter pylori;
  7. Chronic erosive gastritis;
  8. For the eradication of HP;
  9. Hyperplastic atrophic gastritis;
  10. Helicobacter in large quantities;
  11. Gastritis associated with HP infection;
  12. Helicobacter pylori associated gastritis.
Not effective for:
  1. Gall reflux;
  2. Acid reflux (only in cases when these disorders are the main causes of the disease).

Types of gastritis:

Treatment for gastritis usually involves:

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