Ointment for the treatment of open wounds “Antisore”

A real breakthrough in the healing of open wounds and wounds in serious condition Israeli ointment “Antisore”:
  • treats diabetic ulcers and bedsores;
  • treats non-healing facial wounds;
  • treats non-healing wounds on the legs;
  • treats non-healing wounds on feet;
  • treats non-healing wounds on the hands;
  • heals wounds after burns.
Also, the Israeli ointment “Antisore” treats the following problems:
  1. non-healing wound on the heel;
  2. non-healing wound on the toe;
  3. wound which does not heal and is oozing;
  4. oozing wound after surgery;
  5. wound which does not heal and is festering;
  6. badly healed wounds on hands;
  7. scratches that do not heal well;
  8. open wound after a burn;
  9. festered wound after a burn;
  10. inflamed wound after a burn;
  11. wetted wound after a burn.
It has three healing mechanisms:
  • stimulates and accelerates the growth of new cells;
  • drainage (cleans, pulls out dead cells from the wound);
  • keeps the wound moist (this prevents pain).

Curative solution of Dead Sea minerals which osmotically effects wound drainage (a purely natural, fantastic effect that the Dead Sea provides on our skin).

The solution creates a protective layer on top of the wound, this gives a high concentration of particles capable of creating osmotic, slow and constant drainage of fluid from the wound to the outside, thereby clearing the wound from microorganisms and dead cells.

In addition, the solution keeps the outer wound layer clean and wet for a long time. All this creates an environment that promotes rapid healing of wounds. The fact that the solution keeps the outer layer moist is what prevents pain.

Instructions for use:

Clean the wound before applying the ointment. Apply enough ointment directly to the wound creating a layer that covers the wound. Then cover with a bandage, if necessary. The bandage must allow for air.

At the beginning of treatment, repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day, then – once a day, until complete recovery.

Authorized by the Israeli Ministry of Health

For external use only.

It is allowed to apply ointment:
  • for children aged 3;
  • to pregnant women;
  • to nursing mothers.

Delivery to all over the world directly from Israel
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Norway 10-20 days Poland 4-7 days Romania 10-20 days Denmark 10-20 days
Sweden 10-20 days Greece 4-7 days Turkmenistan 7-12 days Vietnam 7-12 days
Philippines 4-7 days Indonesia 4-7 days Singapore 4-7 days Austria 4-7 days
South Africa 4-7 days Turkey 10-20 days Kenya 4-7 days
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