Prostate adenoma home treatment guideline

Symptomatic treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) by the standard protocol of Israeli doctors (Alishech Clinic).


For an establishment of the diagnosis of pancreatic adenoma, a digital rectal examination is used (this procedure can only be made by a doctor).
To define the development of hypertrophy and its impact on the urinary system are used urodynamic tests which can identify the volume of urine excreted, the rate of voiding the bladder and the urine stream pressure.

If you have an acute nocturia attack (frequent urination at night, the jet is uneven, weak pressure), are prescribed: Xatral XL 10 mg tablets. A three months course (take 1 tablet daily at bedtime).

After completing the course, you should contact the doctor (write about your condition, signs of the disease). For this purpose, reach us through the feedback form or send an email

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