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Probiotics are groups of different microorganisms that positively affect the human body. From the ancient Greek, probiotic means “for life”. Microorganisms belonging to the probiotic group are vital for the normal functioning of the digestive system, enhancing immunity in its fight against harmful microorganisms, and in the production of various vitamins inside the body. These microorganisms do not grow by themselves in the body, so there is a need for their external consumption.

Generally, there is a balance in the body between the probiotic microorganisms and disease-causing microorganisms and fungi. Without probiotics, the body weakens, and fungal and bacterial infections appear. Using antibiotics for their treatment only worsens the problem.

One of the most serious complications of taking antibiotics is dysbacteriosis, an imbalance between different groups of microorganisms that usually results in favor of bad microbes. This is the reason why doctors recently prescribe probiotics together with antibiotics. Usually, they are indicated for the period of medication.
Our specialists at the Alishech clinic, have not prescribed antibiotic treatment without probiotic supplements over the past 3 years. Furthermore, it’s considered very useful even for absolutely healthy people to take probiotics once a year for a month. This is enough to strengthen the body's defenses for all of the following year.

Our Alishech Probiotic supplement contains the following microorganisms:
  1. L. (Lactobacillus) Acidophilus – 1 billion active bacteria.
  2. L. Reuteri – 1 billion active bacteria.
  3. L. Paracasei - 1 billion active bacteria.
  4. L. Rhamnosus - 1 billion active bacteria.
  5. L. Casei - 1 billion active bacteria.
  6. L. Plantarum - 0.5 billion active bacteria.
  7. B. (Bifidobacterium) lactis - 1 billion active bacteria.
  8. L. Salivarius - 0.5 billion active bacteria.
A total of 7 billion active bacteria are present in one capsule.

It’s recommended to take 1 capsule per day, with a meal, preferably in the evening.

Manufactured by Progressive Labs, in collaboration with Alishech, Israel.

Purchase includes:
+ Probiotic Formula Alishech 1 vial, 30 capsules - 50$
+ Shipping + Delivery guarantee - 50$

Total - 90$

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