Guideline for treating joints at home

Joint pain is among one of the most common problems that a doctor sees in everyday clinical practice. Joint pains, in one form or another, affect almost 90% of people over 35 years old.

During our lives, each of us had at least one case where we felt such pains. Pain can be long or short-term, strong or weak, widespread or local. All of them are different, but one thing unites them - they all significantly reduce the quality of life, and sometimes lead to disability. There are hundreds of diseases which can cause joint pains. If we start listing them, we’ll have a very long list.

Of course, when pain occurs, you should consult a doctor and conduct a qualitative examination. But if no mechanical cause requiring specific treatment is found, and the pain syndrome interferes with normal life, our specialists recommend the Alishech (capsules and balsam), which is effective against joint pains.

1. Alishech capsules for arthrosis (Alishech Arthrosis)

Alishech Arthrosis Capsules (Alishech Arthrosis) - a drug which based on natural components, contains: Dead Sea minerals.

It is known that in a state of stress (and pain itself is stress), minerals leave the tissues, thereby increasing inflammation and, as its expression, a pain.

The addition of the Dead Sea biocomplex, in which a large amount of minerals needed by the body, restores the natural balance of the tissue, reduces inflammation and significantly reduces the pain component.

It also contains:

All of these ingredients are known to relieve pain and inflammation, especially in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

This drug has made a giant step in eliminating pain and inflammation, because it relieves swelling in the inflamed tissue of the joint, thus eliminating pain.

It helps with joint pains of any etiology. Usually relieves pain and reduces inflammation after 6-7 days from the start of treatment. The duration of treatment is 30 days. Capsules are recommended to be taken in the morning before breakfast.

2. Balsam Alishech for joints (Alishech Arthrosis Balsam)

Alishech Arthrosis Balsam (Alishech Arthrosis Balm) is a special formula made from plants of the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea biocomplex.

What it contains: tansy, fig leaf oil, lavender, oregano varieties, thyme, myrtle, immortelle, willow bark.

Method of application: rub twice a day, (recommended in the morning and in the evening) to the place of pain within 15 seconds.

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Alishech capsules for arthrosis
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Natural components which help to reduce joints pain: