Dual therapy stent

Dual therapy stent (DTS) is the newest type of coronary stent.

This first-of-its-kind method of stent therapy is designed to not only reduce the likelihood of re-narrowing of the artery, thereby eliminating the need to repeat the procedure, but also to facilitate the process of healing the artery.

The DTS has advantages over drug-eluting stents (DES) and bioengineered stents - it is the only type of stent containing an active drug.

Dual protection inside and out

A dual therapy stent is coated with a drug inside and out, which reduces the likelihood of blood clots and inflammation, and also facilitates the artery healing process.

AL-Protector BV: a powerful and natural plaque eliminator

The stent surface adjacent to the artery wall contains a drug that, when released, prevents re-blockade of arteries without risk of a tumor or an inflammatory reaction.

The drug is released from a bioabsorbable polymer that disintegrates over time.

The side of the stent in contact with the bloodstream is covered with antibodies (immune proteins) that ensure the natural healing process and promote the normal functioning of a healthy artery.

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