What not to eat when you have high bad cholesterol?

Dr Jelena Radovanovic Bad cholesterol or LDL stands for low-density lipoproteins and It is called the "bad" cholesterol because a high LDL level leads to a buildup of cholesterol in your arteries. This extra LDL, along with other substances, forms plaque. The plaque builds up in your arteries (this is a condition called atherosclerosis). It causes the arteries to become hardened and narrowed, which slows down or blocks the blood flow to your heart. Since our blood carries oxygen to our heart, this means that our heart may not be able to get enough oxygen. This can cause angina (chest pain), or if the blood flow is completely blocked, a heart attack or a stroke.

We can check our LDL levels whit a simple blood test. With LDL cholesterol, lower numbers are better. Optimal LDL(bad) Cholesterol level is 100mg/dl. If they're high, healthy foods and medicine can help us get them down.

A few changes in our diet can reduce cholesterol and improve our heart health

We should limit:

  1. foods with a lot of sodium (salt)
  2. red meats and fatty meats that aren’t trimmed
  3. sweets and sugar-sweetened beverages
  4. baked goods made with saturated and trans fats like donuts, cakes and cookies
  5. full-fat dairy products such as whole milk, cream, ice cream, butter, and cheese
  6. saturated oils like coconut oil, palm oil and palm kernel oil
  7. foods that list the words “hydrogenated oils” in the ingredients panel
  8. solid fats like shortening, stick margarine and lard
  9. fried foods

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Focus on eating foods low in saturated and trans fats such as:

  1. variety of fruits, vegetables and mushrooms
  2. fat-free, 1 percent and low-fat milk products
  3. variety of whole grain foods like whole grain bread, cereal, pasta and brown rice. At least half of the servings should be whole grains
  4. fatty fish such as salmon, trout, albacore tuna and sardines
  5. poultry without skin and lean meats. When you choose to eat red meat and pork, select options labeled “loin” and “round”
  6. unsalted nuts, seeds, and legumes (dried beans or peas)
  7. nontropical vegetable oils like canola, corn, olive or safflower oils
Very important thing is that with a healthy diet you need to Increase your physical activity, quit smoking and moderate drink alcohol only.

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