Can doing squats cause haemorrhoids?

What causes haemorrhoids?

Haemorrhoids occur when there is swelling and protrusion of the blood vessels of the lower rectum and anus into the anal canal due to high pressure of the blood vessels and weakness of the pelvic support in the perianal area.

Any activity that increases the abdominal and pelvic pressure is thus a risk factor for haemorrhoids. This includes straining while defecating, pregnancy, constipation, etc.

Do squats cause haemorrhoids?

Therefore, squats can increase the risk of getting haemorrhoids when they are done in a way that increases the pressure in the abdomen too often and too suddenly. Indeed, many body builders have been able to link their development of haemorrhoids to times when they did heavy squats.

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If you already have haemorrhoids or you have other risk factors for haemorrhoids, you need to be careful when doing squats. Try to avoid that Valsalva manoeuvre (tightening of your abdomen) when you are trying to increase strength, because it will increase the pressure in the abdomen and exacerbate an existing haemorrhoid.

How can I do squats?

There is some controversy in the medical literature about whether squats cause, aggravate or make haemorrhoids better. However, as a general principle, since we know that haemorrhoids are likely to get swollen with any activity that increases the abdominal pressure too often and too suddenly, you should avoid heavy squats.

When you squat, go slowly and make sure you breathe in and out. Don’t do squats all the time too; moderation is always the way to go.

If you have haemorrhoids already or have risk factors for haemorrhoids e.g., heredity, obesity, low fibre diet, chronic constipation or diarrhoea or advanced age, then you also must take steps to reduce your risks. Take adequate amounts of water (8 to 10 glasses daily), eat high fibre foods (fruits and vegetables, brown rice), avoid straining and don’t spend too much time on the toilet seat.

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