Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Regimen

Parkinson’s disease treatment with a standard protocol by Israeli doctors (Alishech Clinic, Israel)

Any treatment for Parkinson's disease aims to slow the rate of deterioration and to prevent complications of the disease. The ultimate goal of treatment is a modification of the pathological process, therefore slowing the progression of the disease, and preventing motor and non-motor complications in the advanced stage of Parkinson's disease. In September 2009, the New England Journal of Medicine, one of the most influential medical journals, published a work proving that early treatment with Rasagiline (Azilect) at a dosage of 1 mg/day had a good effect on slowing the deterioration rate of the disease.

There’s currently a treatment involving intracerebral injections of viral vectors, which are carriers of therapeutic genes, and growth factor transfer method to strengthen the activity of dopaminergic terminals residues; however, these are in the research stage. Rehabilitation treatment opens up a good prospect for future treatment; though unfortunately, there are more questions than answers at this stage. This also raises questions about reliability, and it is not clear how much this treatment can affect non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Of great importance is Primary Neuroprotection, which deals with preventing or delaying the start of the disease. Clear markers of Parkinson’s disease risk are currently unknown; therefore, it is impossible to conduct neuroprotective studies for people with possible risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.

The preclinical stage of the disease has a duration of almost six years. This window of time gives us a good chance for neuroprotective treatment. Marker Detection Studies in the preclinical stage of Parkinson's disease are becoming more important. Physical activity is essential for the modification of the disease’s progression. Intense physical activity, as shown in many clinical studies, helps delay the development of Parkinson’s disease in men.

Azilect is currently prescribed in Israel to each patient in the initial stage of Parkinson's disease as the first line treatment. Taking 1 mg of Azilect at night is proven to suspend the development of Parkinson’s disease for several years. Therefore, this is the first line of treatment for the diagnosed disease.

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Azilect 1 mg – take 1 pill at night.
Active component: Rasagiline 1 mg, 90 pills (3 packs for a 3-month course)
Total sum: $360 to purchase. Manufacturer: Teva Pharmaceutical, Israel

Second line drugs:
If you have had the disease for several years, you need to start taking the second-line drugs: Levodopa in different combinations. Levodopa is dopamine precursor, which turns into it inside the human body. Levodopa in different combinations is currently the most effective medication for Parkinson's disease treatment when all symptoms of the disease are manifested. Levodopa is prescribed in a dosage of 125 mg, 3 times a day. Depending on the response, the dose can be increased. The optimal dose is considered to be 750-1250 mg/day. If Sinemet is prescribed its dosage is 200 mg, twice a day.

Selgin pills (Selegiline 5 mg)
Sinemet pills (Carbidopa 50 mg / Levodopa 200 mg)
Stalevo pills (Levodopa 50 mg / Carbidopa 12.5 mg / Entakapon 200 mg)
Dopicar pills (Carbidopa 25 mg / Levodopa 250 mg)
Duodopa pills (Carbidopa 25 mg / Levodopa 200 mg)
Levopar pills (Levodopa 100 mg / Benserazide 25 mg / Beta-pinen 25 mg)
Levopar pills (Levodopa 250 mg / Benserazide 50 mg / Beta-pinen 50 mg)
Pergolid pills (Pergolid 0.25 mg)

Before starting these medications you should consult with your doctor. It is recommended not to eat too much protein or food rich in B6 vitamins while taking these medications.

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