Treatment of Trichomoniasis

With a laboratory test confirmation of trichomoniasis, a complex treatment course is prescribed to each patient individually. The main part of the treatment are antitrichomonas drugs such as Flagyl, Metronidazole, and Ternidazole.

Local treatment may also be indicated by prescribing vaginal tablets and suppositories; however, these are not effective as a monotherapy, which means other medications must be added to ensure efficacy.

Two different pharmacological methods of treatment are currently employed:

  • Flagyl tablets: treatment course – 5 days * 1 tablet (250 mg) * 2 times a day
  • A single strong dose of the same drug (2 grams)

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The latter is used more often, and, according to several studies, it’s not less effective than the former.

When using Flagyl, common side effects are related to symptoms such as dry mouth, change in urine color, and less often - sickness, vomiting, and an increased heart rate. In addition, after taking this drug, the patient should completely avoid alcoholic drinks for 2 days.

After the course of treatment is completed, a set of control tests is conducted, which includes three tests that are carried out over three months after a menstrual cycle is over. A full recovery is considered only if all three tests are reported as “clean”.

It should be pointed out that it’s possible for the disease to resolve on its own. In the absence of symptoms, an undiagnosed disease can last anywhere from four months, to five years, and after that a full recovery is usually made.

However, such a development requires the interaction of several conditions simultaneously such as:

  • Disease is only a monoinfection, which is observed in 10 percent of cases, at best.
  • Sufficient level of body defenses (immunity) of an infected person.
  • Prolonged abstinence from sexual contacts.

Nowadays, Trichomoniasis can be cured in your own home, if you follow a course of treatment such as:

Medicament Number of tablets / capsules Number of admissions per day Number of days Total pills
Flagyl (metronidazole) 250 mg 1 2 5 10
Doxylin 100 mg 1 2 5, days, as Doxycycline is effective against co-infections with chlamydia, gonorrhea, etc. 10
Alishech Activator 1 1 10, days to enhance the effects of Flagyl and Doxylin 10
Alishech Probiotic 1 1 30, days to prevent dysbacteriosis. 30